Saturday, January 22, 2011

Branching Out And Evil Cupcakes

  So, because I think the hoops for my felt thingies look kind of boring, I decided to try making one that would fit into a normal frame. I traced a photo (for the size) onto my usual background material, then decided I wanted to have a light blue felt as the background. And, hey, wouldn't this awesome ribbon I've been saving look awesome as a top and bottom border? So. . . I glued it.
  Eek! I should have known better than to stray from my usual hand-stitching, but I'd just bought a new fancy-schmancy glue and I thought it would be fine. I ended up taking it off and stitching a different piece of the same ribbon on.
  I was mid-project when I realized how stupid I was to have sewed an entire background onto my usual material. The entire thing was much thicker than I'd anticipated, and my evil cupcake looks rather smooshed, I think. Maybe that's why he's so darn mad (besides the whole being eaten thing). I think it also calls for a different frame. FAIL!

  I've also started a number of other NON-FELT (gasp!) projects this weekend, because I was feeling gutsy. I've already finished one, and I've got two more that I'm part-way through. Here's the one I did already:

 It's a Valentine's Day wreath! I got the idea from Lemon Tree Creations, but I just used three different kinds of paper instead of one. SO easy, fast to make, and pretty cheap, too! You just need some nice scrapbooking paper, a planter's wreath, glue, and a couple jewel-looking things for the accents on the "roses". I had McKay take apart an old earring I never wear anymore. Hooray for husbands!

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  1. The cupcake, before the fame, looks like it would make a cute card, just another idea of how to use them. Keep on keeping on, you are doing great!