Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brookie!

  For my best friend Brooke's birthday, I decided to whip her up a little something. I will also explain the ultra-complicated way in which I make these.

  First, I start out in my work area on the couch. It's very official.

Sylvester likes to help me.

 Then, I look through that pink book he's lying on that is full of doodles. If one catches my eye, I go from there.

Obviously, I'm not going to be an illustrator anytime soon. For some reason cutting shapes out of felt is easier for me.

   I then cut the pieces out free-hand. I don't use any patterns because that makes me mess up more for some reason. Then I arrange them about where I want them to go, decide what works and what needs to go.  I sew it all bottom layer on up, and voila!

  "Bobby Bibby's Blowing Bubbles"
  That title comes from a tongue-twister we have to do every day in rehearsals, and I think it inspired this piece. Anyway. . .



  1. How cute is that!.. loved it. are you a lot in fabric crafts?..
    I love experimenting with fabric mostly flowers and happen to see your blog through crafts gossip. keep the good work!!!

    AaRiya Balsk

  2. Hey, thanks!! No, I don't work with a lot of fabric, unfortunately, mostly felt because it's so cheap and easy to cut :) I'm impressed you make fabric flowers, I tried one out yesterday and I was struggling!

  3. This is just brilliant - I'm loving your work!

  4. Felt is my craft soul mate too! http://feltsilly.blogspot.com/

  5. Oh, my goodness, Wendi, your stuff is amazing! I love it!