Sunday, March 6, 2011

Every Party Has a Pooper

    You ever have a party, and you really, really hope that one weird kid doesn't show up? Not that you don't like them per se, but you just know there's going to be a lot of awkward pauses because of them? That's how Doug thought of Wes. Wes was a great guy and all, but he just couldn't really "hang" all that well. For one thing, someone always had to carry him around. And he couldn't play musical chairs, pin-the-whatsit-on-the-human, or even tag. And it was always kind of a drag when he got into the whole, "Well, in the OCEAN they do it completely differently!" spiels, especially since everyone knew darn well he had been born in a PetCo.

  But, hey, what are you gonna do? Some people are just born to ruin parties (. . . Goldfish. Pshh).

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