Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Disneyland Portion of California Trip

  Huh. I'm kind of at a loss with this. Usually I have one or two photos to back me up on my vacations, but I have a grand total of zero for the California portion, and about three from Aspen Grove. More from Canada because I made McKay take the camera everywhere, and he's better about these things than I am. But, anyhoo, I guess you're going to have to take my word for some of these things. Unless Cara wants to send me some of the photos she wisely took during Disneyland, that is.

  But, trust me, Disneyland was rad. You know, other than the fact I had to sit down/pee every half hour due to the whole pregnancy thing. Cara was very, very nice about it, and didn't even make one sarcastic comment after the millionth time I said, "My feet are so freaking hot!". She rocks. Anyway, if you were wondering about the new Little Mermaid Ride, let me just say


   To me, anyway. I've always loved Little Mermaid, and the animatronics for it were AMAZING. Not like the old dark rides where they're all made of plaster and can move one arm up and down, these things truly rocked (*cough* Cara, send me the pictures *cough*). The "Under the Sea" part made me tear up a bit, recalling all the times I would play it on one of my 10,000 Disney CDs in my room, totally rocking out to a singing crab. Good times. The only bit of criticism I would have (and it's not really criticism, actually, I just think it's hilarious) is how there is a complete absence of any conflict at all. Sure, Ursula sings her little song about Poor, Unfortunate Souls (another one I've rocked out to quite a bit in my time), but the next time you see her, she's writhing in agony at Ariel's wedding. Take THAT, evil octopus woman! I guess Disney learned its lesson with Snow White's Scary Adventure, which leaves you wondering just WHO lived Happily Ever After, and how, after the last image you see is a stone about to fall on the poor dwarves (dwarfs?) and a scream of agony.

  I know many would not agree with me, but it was my favorite part of the day. Little Mermaid, that is, not Snow White's Ambiguous Ending. Also the Toy Story 3D shooting game, which was awesome as well, though it didn't make me nostalgic for my childhood. That feeling was priceless. That, and the squirt bottle/fan combo my very kind father purchased for me in the afternoon, that thing was worth its weight in gold. Which is probably what Dad paid in any case, it being Disneyland and all.

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