Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Random Thoughts That Aren't Long Enough for Their Own Post

 Crap. I keep forgetting about the whole drinking water thing. Which is somewhat important when you're pregnant. Or human. But then I'd have to pee even MORE, and the toilet is just oh-so cold.

 I literally just yelled out, "Sylvester, you have to SHARE!" He was hogging the armchair, and my attempts at moving him to the side resulted in much floppy-catness. Going for passive resistance, I see.

I like to ruin things I love by over-doing them. Favorite song? It's on repeat for weeks. New favorite TV show? I will watch every episode of it ever back-to-back until I have worked my way through. And then I may just do it again. Bought a huge bag of my favorite snack? I will eat it all in one sitting, ignoring the fact that it does not even taste good anymore. My point? You'd think it would be something like "too much of a good thing = bad thing". But you'd be wrong.

My house is hotter than it is outside in the summer, and colder than it is outside in the winter. I live in a magical place. Of death.

You know you're pregnant when the thought of sitting up makes you want to cry.

Also, I'm tired of talking about being pregnant. Which, since I talk about it constantly on here, I realize is rather ironic/hypocritical, but it reminds me of when McKay and I were engaged. Everyone--especially people I didn't know well-- would ask me, "So, are you SO EXCITED?!" every time they saw me. I was definitely looking forward to getting married, but do you know how much energy it would take to be SO EXCITED constantly for three months? A freaking lot, that's how much. But you have to fake that at that very moment you are indeed SO EXCITED or everyone will assume you're having second thoughts/being abused, and then commence predicting the end of your marriage before it even starts. Anyhoo, now I get to be SO EXCITED constantly yet again, except it's for nine months (really closer to ten if you do the math) instead of three. I'm also tired of telling people how I feel. "Good. Tired, but good." Those words have lost all meaning to me now, they may as well be gibberish. I can understand that pregnancy is a good ice breaker and all, but one of these days I MAY just jump down your throat because of your good intentions. Sorry. I'm a bad person. But I'm a pregnant bad person, so you're pretty much required to forgive me anyway.

I have two pins on pinterest that are re-pinned constantly. One is a golden retriever that is cuddling with a leopard or cheetah or something that I labeled, "Golden retrievers could make friends with the devil". The other is a drawing of a pug flying via a mini hot air balloon and lots of gadgets titled, "Steam pug". I thought both of these were relatively smile-worthy when I initially pinned them. But now that I get notifications about them about five times a day, I have come to despise them and may ultimately end up removing them with a spirit of vindictiveness. Like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killing off Sherlock Holmes. Only more dramatic.

The end.


  1. Probably one of my favorite posts of yours. Every two seconds I'd find myself laughing and nodding. It's amazing how little water I drink when I think about it, and that makes me sad. I also thoroughly enjoyed the whole paragraph about pregnancy. SO FREAKIN' TRUE! You are a very talented writer Julia. That's why I check your blog regularly.

  2. So basically,
    what Brandy said. :)

  3. Oh good grief. Thank you for always blogging about the story of my life. My exact quote EVERY SINGLE DAY is "tired, but good."
    Also, my mother thinks I am going to be a terrible mother because I am not constantly overflowing with eagerness about being pregnant. I still have forever to go, and I just cannot muster up the energy to be that excited for so long.
    So thank you. :) Yet again you completely understand:)