Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Days Six and Seven

 Day Six (nothing happened day five):

  Starting to get sick. I don't talk very much because that makes my cough worse. I realize that if I always felt that way, I could avoid saying a lot of stupid stuff.
  Despite my cold, Mom and I shop for four hours.
  Worth it.

Day Seven:

 Cold is much worse, but I'm feeling a lot better by evening, so I go see Dark Shadows with Cara. It was a meh movie, but we stayed through the end credits anyway, as is our habit. Cara was telling me about the video after the credits in The Avengers when a throaty exclamation sounds behind us. Suddenly I am sopping wet.

  "Oh my gosh, I'm covered in vomit," I think, while outwardly sputtering. I ready to vomit, myself, at the idea of someone's sick dripping off my bangs. The girl behind us rushes down.

  "I'm SO SO sorry!" she says, "I tripped and the lid came off my soda!"

  In comparison to vomit, being drenched in Sprite didn't sound so bad. When I affirm I'm okay, Soda Girl runs away.

Probably worried I have a boyfriend with a meat thermometer.

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  1. Oh my gosh!! But, what else could she do I guess. Still, oh my gosh!! That's horrible. So so sorry.