Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why I Don't Make Friends

  Yesterday McKay took a half-day for the holiday, so we decided to head off to the park, the whole family!

  The park was surprisingly empty for a holiday, but there was one other couple there with a stroller. I insisted we walk to the opposite end, for fear it was the neighbors we accidentally stalk. But those fears proved ungrounded, thankfully.

  We commenced taking a zillion pictures of things like "Lincoln's first trip down a slide!" because we're new parents and have energy to do things that we will never do for our future children. The other couple quickly approached us, and started chatting, making my blood pressure go up at the thought of (oy) socializing.

  Turns out, their baby is almost exactly the same age as Lincoln. And, like the neighbor I accidentally stalk, we gave birth in the same hospital (despite living practically next door to a less-nice hospital) and had the same OB. The other mom and I are both also originally from Southern California. They were extremely nice and easy to talk to and normal (a mix that is apparently very hard to find if you're me). My mind immediately began flinging up fireworks "Another mom like me! She seems so nice! We will be best friends!"

 Then I remembered we brought our cat. Which I'm pretty sure the weirdness factor overrides any other friendly-vibe I might have had going on. A dog came to the park and we had to vamoose pretty quick, as Sylvester's freak-out meter goes haywire at the sight of any canine. McKay didn't want to go home just yet, though, so we kept walking. Naturally, we spied the other couple walking on the other side of the street after a ways.

  Who quickly changed directions.

  Stupid cat.

 Anyone else too weird to make friends?

P.S. Blog format is still a work in process!


  1. Story of my life. Especially the initial avoidance tactic. And then the ending, sigh.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAH I have four cats and WHY have I never thought to take them to the park. I'm finding inspiration in your blog my lovely cousin!