Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 3: Most Physical Pain I've Endured

  Giving birth. Duh.

  And, yeah, I had them give me all the drugs available. And once I had that, the contractions were a breeze. But squeezing my spawn out? That was like no other pain. But then, I have low pain threshold and my baby was 90-95th percentile in head circumference, height, and weight.

  Imagine the worst constipation you've ever had. Times a bazillion.

  Imagine exerting so much force and having so much pressure that you TEAR YOUR FRIGGIN JUNK UP.

  If you want the knitty-gritty details, check out the post Happy Birthday. I've been told my multiple people that this post is an excellent form of birth control. Enjoy.


  1. Hahaha xD that last comment made me laugh. But hey i'm sure it was all worth it since you probably have an awesome kid. My mom once told me that after you give birth you forget everything, the pain mostly. Shoot my mom has 4 kids, when they had my 2nd oldest sister they were stationed on a military base in Spain! They literally git shot at and had to drive thru a fire to get to the hospital.

    1. It's definitely worth it. And it IS hard to remember the pain now, actually. I remember someone telling me that once, which is why I wrote the "Happy Birthday" post so quickly after having Lincoln. Because I WANTED TO REMEMBER, darn it. Not sure why.

      Your mom is a saint!

  2. Sorry that birth was so painful! Honestly, I didn't feel a thing either time. What ever I went through that was the most painful, it wasn't too bad because nothing specific comes to mind!