Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 27: What is My Favorite Part of my Body and Why


 This post kind of threw me through a loop.

  I think, like most women, I'm too busy caught up in thinking about the things I absolutely hate about my body. The things I immediately look at in a mirror. The things that I doubt few others care nearly so much as I do about.

  But [WARNING: I feel a rant coming on] isn't that what most media teaches us to do? Here are a million products you don't need to fix problems that shouldn't really be defined as problems! Here are a thousand women with zero body fat because they don't eat! Here are celebrities four weeks after giving birth, looking trimmer than ever, and here are their four secrets! (except for the one real one: tummy tucks. You're not supposed to work out the first four weeks after you give birth. So suck it, celebrities, I know you're full of it). All of us are killing ourselves trying to achieve this "beautiful" shape that only 1% of the population naturally has, and very few can achieve with even great, boring effort.

  So, forget the prompt. I'm going to give you a whole LIST of things I think are beautiful about myself. Because I need the reminder.

1. My waist. I've always had a small waist. The following photo is very out of date (okay, it's another wedding picture), and doesn't give the full effect, but LOOK HOW CUTE THE DETAILS ON MY DRESS WERE!

2. My hair. Wait, does that count as a body part? Whatever. Anyway, it isn't always beautiful, of course, but here are a few photos from my last haircut of it looking amazeballs:

3. My lips. They's cool.
   Haha, remember when I was nine months pregnant and fell out of bed and hit my mouth on my laptop? Good times. Excuse the duck face, some things just need to be immortalized.

4. My eyes. Actually, see last photo. That's a surprisingly good one of my eyes.

5. And, of course, the boobies. I'm not going to put another photo up for that, though, because that's weird that I'm directing you to look at my chest. I probably shouldn't have included this one. Oh, well.

  You know something funny? As soon as I was looking through my photos LOOKING for traits I liked, the easier it was to ignore the things I didn't. I was like, "Whoa, I have awesome teeth!" and "That was a good haircut" and "Man, my smile is gorgeous!". 
There's probably a lesson in there. Learn it.


  1. Good job! I love my hair, my clavicles, my eyes, and I try to love my belly where my babies used to live.

    1. That last part was actually rather inspiring for me. I really need to stop poking my belly, pinching my belly, and basically treating it like it's disappointing playdough. Thanks.

    2. I second that! I love viewing my belly like that. In fact, it makes feel less bad if I put on a little fat. Its just a little extra insulation to keep future babies nice and cozy.

      And the fact that you said clavicles is awesome. That's a body part that is definitely overlooked, but I noticed I like mine too!

      And I love both of you guys' hair! I just think blonde hair is so pretty, and you both look so pretty with it. :)