Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Random Things I Like Today

1. Eight more pages in my book! Five written, three copied and pasted from my last draft.

2. This video:
  This guy is incredibly hilarious. Watch all of his "Confessions of an ex Disney employee" videos. They're all great, I want there to be 100,000,000 more.

3. Die, Sexy Merida, die! Disney backs off, and little girls get to keep their tomboy Princess. See here for details.

4. Whoa, this list is looking very anti-Disney. But, as you guys know, I'm a huge Dizgeek, don't read too much into this. And this isn't a real point, just wanted to clarify that.

5. Have you guys heard of the whole Coverflip thing that happened a few days ago? An author I've enjoyed in the past, Maureen Johnson, made an offhand comment on twitter about how men tell her they'd like to read her stuff, but the covers are too girly. She then challenged people to take popular covers and switch them as if they'd been written by the opposite gender. Pretty awesome stuff, and eye opening as to how books women write are often immediately labelled as "fluff". Check it out.

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