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 Remember WAYYYY back when, when this blog was called "Welcome to Nerdvana, Population: Me"? Probably not, but initially, I created this blog to share my nerdy interests. But then you get married and have an adorable baby and crippling loneliness and yada yada, your blog morphs into "Look at my cute baby, plus some occasionally funny quips!". Anyway, this post is a throwback to those Good Old Nerdy Days--With Lists!

 I do love a good list.

 I did a post three years back, coming out about suddenly being obsessed with anime (it has another list, which you can read here). I didn't anticipate at the time how this interest would . . . kind of spiral out of control. Like my #10 on the list mentioned before, most anime endings are pretty sudden, and if you want to know the rest, you need to read the manga it's more-than-likely based on. So then I got reaaaallly into manga. I'll probably make a list one day about that. But then I STARTED RUNNING OUT OF MANGA, GUYS. And then I found. . . (*harp music playing*) . . . webtoons.

  So, for the uninitiated (like me, six months ago), webtoons are online comics that are updated regularly, usually weekly. Many are actually manhwa (manhwa = Korean comics, like manga = Japanese comics), but it's very easy to find sites that translate them into english. My favorite of these sites is LINE Webtoons, as it's the most user-friendly and doesn't charge a fee for the latest comics (great app, too). So, if you're looking for something to read, I'm going to compile one GIANT, NERDY LIST, sorted by genre, just for you! IT'S JUST LIKE THE GOOD OLD DAYS, GUYS. Or the old days, anyway. And this is by no means a comprehensive list of all great webtoons. It's just the ones I've read and enjoyed. If you have any suggestions, lay 'em on me. Pictures are included (mostly from the webtoons' banners) just to give you an idea of the art style.


SHORT AND FUNNY-- You missing the days when Sunday funnies were funny? HERE YOU GO, short and sweet, and very random! Just how I like 'em.

--dustinteractive. Updated every 2-3 days, and very funny. There's no real "theme" to this one, just rando-ness. Has cursing with strategically places *s, as a heads up.

Source: Webtoon

--My Giant Nerd Boyfriend. Exactly what it sounds like. Tiny girl, giant boyfriend. Cute. Updates three times a week. I love when he wears the Pikachu shirt. Like in this magical one.

--Library Ghost. VERY random, and very much my sense of humor. About a ghost. In a library. And very little of either of those things seem to matter much. Others may not appreciate it as much as I do. BECAUSE THEY CRAY-CRAY. Author said he's taking a break, but it's been two years, so . . . But there's 75 of 'em to blow through and enjoy.

--Sarah's Scribbles. By Sarah Anderson, you've probably seen her stuff around if you on da interwebs. She only recently started putting them out in this format, however.

--The Cliff. Survival story. Pretty frickin' amazing read, and only 9 chapters (issues? Comics? Whatever) long. Highly recommend, don't want to spoil it by giving a description beyond "two men trapped on a cliff". Read it. Now.

--DEEP. Dead loved ones are returning from the sea. How do people react? Why are they coming? Are they who they seem? Good read, though slow at times. I tend to enjoy the "how do people react" more than the mystery part of these kinds of things. Completed series, so you can binge.

--Duty After School. For the war/sci fi lover. What if giant purple blobs invaded earth? And they killed people? Like, a good deal of the military was wiped out pretty quick? South Korea's solution--give high schoolers extra credit to enlist! VERY confusing initially, as it's shown as a documentary of one class' experiences, so there are a lot of characters with very foreign names that are hard to keep track of. But you know how I said I like the "how people react" part of these premises more than the mystery? That's ALL this series. You never know much of anything about the blobs. It's all about the characters, the adjustment, the growing up. Right up my alley. Completed series.

--Distant Sky. Survival story. Supposedly on hiatus, but again, it's been a while. I hope it gets revisited because it ends in THE MOST RIDICULOUS WAY POSSIBLE. But even so, it's a good read. The stakes are always high, and always try to top themselves. Which gets hard to do without being kind of, well, redonkulous after a while. Anyway, PREMISE: Man wakes up in complete darkness. He's apparently on a crashed train, and he's surrounded by the bodies of his fellow travelers. It's a heck of a journey, and it makes the most of the format. WARNING: Very spooky, and lots of gore.

--DEAD DAYS. I'm not a zombie lover, but I liked this. Starts with boy trapped in his room--his mother, like a good portion of the population, has turned into something like a zombie, and keeps banging on his door . . . Completed series. Some gore.

These are a few more I'm enjoying, but I'm not very far in because the website makes you pay for most of the episodes and cycles through which ones are free. But so far I'm liking The Watching (like Rear Window, but add a creepy man in a poncho), 0.0MHZ (group of paranormal-interested teens enter a haunted shack. It does not go well),  Leon Soul's Exo Club (group of teens summon a revenge-demon thing. What could possibly go wrong?), and Melvina's Therapy (all free, but this series just started so there's not much there yet. Anyway, creepy therapist gets to the root of your issues, and messes you up good in the process).

IF YOU'RE MISSING ROMANTIC COMEDIES-- (this list could go on forever)

--Super Secret. I was very reluctant to start this, because I (like many, I believe) am pretty sick of werewolves. And vampires. And all those other teen fantasy things that have been overused of late. But this is pretty adorable and fresh. How can you not love the overly-protective, mothering Ryan? Ongoing.

--Cheese in the Trap. This series, man. It's hard to categorize, actually, and putting it here is kind of . . . wrong. And let me say, I read ahead, and the ending INFURIATED me. But it made some people very happy. I dunno. I won't say any more, but if you read it, we need to talk. I have feelings. So many feelings. The best way I can sum this one up is, what if you made a modern Pride and Prejudice set in Korea? Oh, and what if Mr. Darcy might be a sociopath? And what if everyone around you was kind of messed up? I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ON THIS, GUYS. You should read it. It starts slow, but then YOU ARE ADDICTED AND CONFLICTED AND UGHHHHH. READ IT NOW SO I CAN TALK ABOUT IT.

--Something About Us. Pretty simple premise--friends since middle school (now in college), will they be more? Very cute, and told well. Ongoing.

--Kind of Confidential. I was reluctant on this one as well. Not only is the name and art style pretty similar to Super Secret, but it has SUPER HEROES instead of werewolves. I was resolved not to like it. But. . . it drew me in, guys. Who should fall on the balcony of reformed super villain Rena but the city's golden boy hero? To be honest, I'm rooting more for Daze (the one with white hair in the back) than hero boy at this point, though. Currently on a hiatus.

--My Secret Brother. So . . . okay. Apparently there's a thing in Asian countries where people fall in love with their cousins, and it's slightly okay and slightly not? It's a thing in manga and manhwa, anyway. They seem into the sort-of taboo aspect of it. If you can get past that, this one's a really fun read. The premise is a bit convoluted, but here's the gyst: lead girl pretends her cousin (who has been living in her house since they were kids and is practically a sibling) is her boyfriend to make her crush jealous. Things get complicated. Ongoing.

--The Stories of Those Around Me. Follows three adult women friends and their relationships. Completed.


--Annarasumanara. Basically translates to "Abracadabra", a pain in the butt to spell, but an amazing read. It was my first webtoon, and it's still my favorite. By the same author as "Duty After School", but very different story. Hard to describe, but basically, a high school girl in desperate need of magic meets a magician living in an abandoned amusement park. It hits all the feels, guys. ALL OF THEM. This isn't just a webtoon, it's art. Completed.

--About Death. Every episode is accompanied by music, and heightens the impact of what is already incredible writing. I teared up multiple times, and there wasn't one that didn't feel like a punch right in the soul. I put off reading it for a while because the art style isn't my thing, but I promise that you should read this. Completed.

--Family Man. Ughhhh, so much feels. Hard to describe premise, but basically it's about a man willing to do anything for his family, except face the truth. That's a horrible description. But you should read it. Completed.

  There are more I could cover, but this seems like a good start. I recommend downloading the apps to read on the go, webtoons are short enough to read in a few minutes, but they're very addictive! Tell me what you think.

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