Thursday, May 20, 2010

Housing Thingy?

 So, housing is driving me crazy. I'm trying to find housing in Oregon in the Corvallis/New Albany region, but I have no idea how to really go about it. Mostly I go on rent websites and see the ratings, but I don't trust some of them--for one thing, most people only bother to comment if they're mad, and some of the good reviews that are given anonymously sound suspiciously like managers.
Should I wait until I'm in Oregon to look at apartments? I don't really want to live with a bunch of party students, hence my looking in New Albany, but how much is reasonable to spend on housing? 
So sick of reading freaky reviews.
In other news, marriage is awesome-sauce, and I'm off to China in four days!
Didn't really think the China thing would happen. Huh. 
I should've known with McKay, somehow things magically work out in his favor.

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  1. Hmmm. Housing is something that locals can be very helpful with. I am on linkedin, and belong to a group called "official brigham young university alumni network". By joining... you can then post a question: moving to such-and-such, where is a good neighborhood, what is reasonable rent, etc. People seem to enjoy being helpful giving recommendations. Worth trying!