Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day Thirteen: A Memory That Never Fails to Make Me Laugh

 Haha! I'm cracking up just thinking about a couple of them. Most of them are, unfortunately, highly inappropriate, and/or incredibly embarrassing to some of my closest friends/spouse. Or it's one of those "you just had to be there" moments that are so annoying to those you tell it to.

  Ok, this one is only slightly inappropriate. Setting: Seventh grade school locker room. Characters: Me and a close friend who shall remain nameless, along with a zillion other seventh graders (motto: I will eat yo' family). So, we were getting changed back into our too-short T-shirts, flare jeans, and skater shoes, when my friend (let's call her "Joe") got her gray PE T-shirt, with a purple cougar on it, stuck around her head while taking it off. Now, Joe is extremely claustrophobic, and commenced freaking out. "JULIA!! JULIA!!" she screamed, jumping up and down and thrashing like the Crocodile Hunter. I, the loyal friend that I am, tried to simultaneously think of a way to help her and pretend I did not know her. As I was about to go into action, she managed to yank it off herself, heaving deep breaths.

  This may actually be a "you had to be there" moment, but it still makes me evilly giddy.

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