Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why Can't We Be Friends?

  I hate making friends, especially with girls. Ever since sixth grade, girls terrify me. I have the sneaking feeling they all secretly hate me and talk about how lame I am (again, stemming from sixth grade), and so I usually am cautiously polite, even joke around with them, but make no real move to be friends with them.

  Lately, McKay is trying to cure me of this. He suggests fun activities to invite girls I know to, or double dates we can go on. Usually I make a flimsy excuse not to do it. But the other day I had a, "Hey, why not?" day, and I invited a girl and her husband to double with us tomorrow (Thursday). Her response (two days later) was that she's house-sitting for her parents this weekend and has to be feed their dogs, but "next time for sure!!!".

  Okay, last time I checked, Thursday is not the weekend. And, in my experience, feeding two dogs does not take all day. Unless, you know, you're out hunting deer for them or something. But she doesn't seem like that type (crazy). I also know her parents live near town, so it's not a huge we'll-be-out-of-town thing.

 Now, I've been known to give flimsy excuses in my day. But, really?

  Girls are lame.


  1. I feel the same hesitation, but then I realize there must be girls out there like myself who I could connect's hard but I think it will be worth it when I do find a really good friend. It's especially hard when everyone around you is newly wed including yourself. Good luck!

  2. You should just set an ugly spell on her. What a punk!