Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 24: Something I Did As a Child That People Remember Me For

  As I've said in the past, I have blocked out a good portion of my childhood. Apparently most other people have as well, because it doesn't tend to come up in conversation. Unless it's an inaccurate memory.

  For example, in my ward growing up, an old teacher of mine liked to tell me how she always looked at me and thought about when Cara, Kellie, and I fought over the pink construction paper. "Really?" I said wonderingly when she initially told me this. I was still in the single digits when she said this, and I thought it unusual I was losing my memories childhood, seeing as I was still in it. But somehow I had no recollection of it, even though it apparently stuck out to this woman. When I asked Kellie and Cara about it, they informed me that the reason I didn't remember it was because it wasn't me. It was another girl, Lindsey.

   I wonder if the woman in the ward still thinks of me as the pink construction paper girl. I hope so. I think it makes me sound more interesting.

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  1. Dad & I quote child-Julia all the time: "I'm very good, aren't I?" and "That's not deewishus!"