Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Good and the Bad

THE GOOD:  I got the day off from school!

THE BAD: McKay did not.

THE GOOD: I discovered Pawn Stars!

THE BAD: I watch it pretty much non-stop because I have no life.

THE GOOD: McKay and I will soon be getting an addition to our family!

THE BAD: Saying good bye to a wad of cash, worrying about traveling and housing.

P.S. Before you freak out, I'm not preggo. We're looking at adopting a dog or cat. Any opinions on breeds, dogs vs cats, etc?


  1. Your last comment had me going there for a minute!!
    We have loved our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is loving, sweet and smart. Down side: he sheds; breed has tendency for early onset of heart problems -- so if you get one, make sure it is from a reputable breeder that does "heart checks" on adult breeding dogs to make sure they are free of the condition. You can google the breed and learn more about this.
    Keep us posted on your choice!!

  2. haahahahha, I love your mom's comment.

  3. Cara, your "haha"s are skewed. Go shame yourself.

  4. no, Cara really laughs like that. It's pretty awkward sometimes, but we all love her inspite. Or is it despite?

  5. Side note: My current roommate here in Las Vegas works at the Pawn Stars Pawn Shop.

  6. No way! Is it Peaches, or someone who hasn't been on the show? Tell her to tell Chum I'm slightly in love with him :)