Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Next Martha Stewart. . . Or Not.

  Once in a blue moon, I get an itch. An itch to craft. This doesn't come very often, so I try to take advantage of it when it does so I can brag about what an excellent, righteous person I am in Relief Society. I had one such day yesterday, and I immediately decided that I'm awesome at everything. So, I pulled out a cupcake cookbook I'd received for my bridal shower, and (deciding not to show off TOO much), went for one of the more simple decorations. Here's a picture of it:
Not too bloody difficult looking, eh? (I apologize to any British people I may have offended with that last sentence. It cracks me up to no end). No piping, no weird multiple layers, easy-peezy, right?
  After I finished just the BLUE icing, I knew I was in trouble. It looked bumpy, crumbs were all up in it, and it was dripping everywhere. After adding the white icing, here's what I had:
 I pretty much wanted to dump them all in the trash at that point, but McKay insisted I finish. I stopped for the night, though, starting on my OTHER craft. Felt needle-point thingy, as I like to call it. I got the idea from a link on my cousin's blog (, and it looked simple enough. Plus, felt is cheap, and I like cheap. Here's the particular one I was trying to copy:
It combines two of my favorite things. Foxes and Christmas decorations, which I am in sore need of.

   Today after church, McKay and I tackled the cupcakes. I redid the blue icing, which was an improvement on some of them, a terrible addition to others. We didn't have goldfish crackers, so we substituted Swedish fish. They are not the gorgeous gourmet cupcakes I envisioned giving out to my neighbors with a superior smile, but they still taste freaking delicious, thank goodness. If they were inedible as well, I would probably kill myself.

  I also finished my felt needle work thingy! I don't have the variety of colors that the professional crafter did, and I think my hoop thingymagig is smaller than hers, so I didn't have room for all of it, but I'm quite pleased with my first attempt.
  But yeahhhh. . . I'm pretty much a terrible Mormon. I mean, c'mon, I can't even make adorable cupcakes that took an unnecessarily extravagant amount of time!


  1. Ok for one...cupcakes are hard! Seriously hard.
    And two...I love your felt needle work! I actually like it better than the one you wanted to copy! Great job!

  2. Remember that many of the so called "crafty" relief society women have boxes of unfinished crafts stashed in a closet somewhere... that eventually end up in the trash or at DI!!
    OR.... you realize that you don't want to have the identical wreath/picture/vase/etc. that every other home on the block is displaying.... and alas you end up giving "it" away!!
    (The voice of experience coming at ya!!)

  3. If you're a bad Mormon, Ju, I am a non member!!!!

  4. Oh, that comment was made by Nancy H. (-:

  5. You are way too hard on yourself! These are AWESOME!!! I fully expect you to make me some swedish fish cupcakes sometime. Who wants goldfish on a cupcake anyway? gross. And I love love love the felt! I would put it up in my house. For real.

  6. I am loving the fox, the tree, the red bird. I cannot believe this is your first attempt. You are a natural. It is amazing.

    Also, pretty cakes are so overrated. They are meant to taste good and nothing else.