Thursday, December 2, 2010

Proof That Some People Should Be Neutered

 These are snippets from an ACTUAL conversation McKay overheard on the bus ride to school. Not because he was trying to eavesdrop, but because these people were talking so loudly that it was impossible to drown out the crazy. I guess if you're going to be the most irresponsible/stupidest person on the planet, you might as well be proud of it. This was the tamer stuff that they said.

GIRL: Yeah, I can't go back to where I live drunk. It's a maternity home. I can spend the night somewhere, but I'm on probation.

BOY: Well, hopefully you'll be out before your baby's born.

GIRL: Yeah, people used to think I'm twelve, but with the fat I think I look older.

BOY: Yeah, I thought you were nineteen.

GIRL: Nope. I'm seventeen. This morning I had to wake Matt up because he didn't meet me at the bus station. He was drinking last night  and passed out, and this morning he was still drunk.

BOY: Yeah, well, he'll get enough sleep in prison. So that's your fiance?

GIRL: Yeah.

BOY: How old is he again?

GIRL: Nineteen.

BOY: Nice.

GIRL: Yeah, he hasn't been to jail before. Oh, no, I lied. He went to jail for a day once, but he was too high to remember. He shouldn't be in jail this time for more than fifteen days. I hope not, though, because our anniversary is on the fourteenth.

BOY: I've been to jail before, and for a lot longer.

GIRL: I've been to detention, and from what I hear, detention is worse.

BOY: Nice.

GIRL: It was, like, the day, no, the hour I went in that I found out I was pregnant.

BOY: Nice.

GIRL: I met this girl in detention who was fifteen and had four year old twins.

BOY: Wow, so she got knocked up at, uh. . .

GIRL: Yeah, at eleven.

BOY: What's with people getting knocked up really young?

GIRL: I know. Do you smoke?

BOY: Uh, yeah, but you have to roll it yourself.

GIRL: Oh, that's too bad.

BOY: Uh, shouldn't you not smoke when you're pregnant?

GIRL: Yeah. . .

   I weep for humanity.

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  1. That's so sad! How do they think like that? Poor kid.