Saturday, December 4, 2010

Attempt # 2

  It took 2,352 threadings of my needle.

  It took pricking myself 24 times, one of them actually getting a nice small pool of blood (if I'm going to be in pain, I like there to be blood, or at least a gnarly bruise).

  It took about five hours, meaning an entire season of "Community" and numerous episodes of "The Tonight Show".

  It included my cat managing to scratch me through three layers of clothing because he wanted to settle down on my lap at the exact second McKay crashed his way out of a box he was playing in.

  It also included three brownies, one chicken pot pie, some too-buttery popcorn, a bowl of Lucky Charms, and an apple with brown sugar on it (everything tastes better with brown sugar).

  But here it is. Attempt number dos.

  Hmmm. I feel a little depressed.

  Any ideas for my next one? Maybe I'll do a giveaway! I think I do have a certain "special touch" that you just can't get in stores.

  And by "special touch" I mean "uneven stitching".


  1. Please enter me into the giveaway! I would like you to make a picture of a crocodile Christmas party. I'm going to leave that up to interpretation.

  2. Cara's idea is so awesome that I want to enter her in the giveaway as well.