Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another Fantasy Down the Toilet

  So, I was looking through some of my old posts (let's ignore this part, shall we?) and, looking at THIS one, I felt an acute sense of disappointment. While writing it, I'd dreamed up this whole scenario where Gail Carson Levine (Can I call you "Gail?" Thanks.) googled herself and came across my blog entry and then. . . well, you know. She's be so amused/impressed/flattered that she would write a comment, then we'd exchange email addresses, she'd give me writing tips, and we'd basically end up best buds (note my ending salutation of "Wishing We Were BFFs". Hint hint) and go on vacations together and such. I then forgot about this blog entry and my fantasy. . . until now.

  Wondering if it were even possible, I googled "Gail Carson Levine" to see if my blog came up. Not in the first five pages, anyway. I then decided to narrow it down a bit and googled "Dear Gail Carson Levine". Again, not in the first five pages. Feeling a little frustrated, and stretching what Gail might actually google, I then put in "Gail Carson Levine nerdvana". Only TWO pages! Easily searchable, Gail would find me and we'd be best buds! Yippee!

   . . . Except I'm not on the list.

  Ouch. Way to be a jerkface bouncer, Google.

P.S. Enter my giveaway. Now. *jedi mind trick*

P.P.S. If you're ambitious enough to check, post-posting this I am now NUMERO UNO for the search "Gail Carson Levine nerdvana". Baby steps. Baby steps.

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