Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack!

  After three weeks of vacation, I came home with far more than I left with. One of my favorites is a painting McKay did for me with a Princess and the Frog theme, my favorite Disney movie.It's not quite done yet (he's going to add fireflies), but I love it.

  It's beautiful, no? The painting that is, not me (and, yes, I am wearing a Buffaloes snuggie). Unfortunately, he did most of it while we were on vacation, and it was top secret, so I spent a lot of my time being awkward by myself. I put my awkward times to some use, though, and thus produced some of my own little gems. I think my in-laws were a little weirded out by my "talent", especially considering they're all real artists in some way or another, but I plugged on.

 If you can't read that, it says "Amor sincero", or "true love" in Spanish. I actually made it a while back, and McKay was upset I didn't give it to him for Christmas, so it was a New Year's present.

This one looks much less crooked in real life, promise.
  Just your standard mouse playin' the piano.
 This looks a million times cooler in the frame, but I'm lazy. I like to call it. . . "Love Anywhere". Or "Possums in a Tree". Or "I Am Pretty Dang Proud of This Tree".
And, my personal favorite, "Hedgehog Campfire Stories". Again, it looks better in a frame.

   So, because there was some confusion on my joke about a giveaway, I want you guys to vote for your favorite, and we'll have a giveaway for it, shall we? All except the "Amor Sincero" one, that's McKay's, and he's gotten surprisingly possessive of it.

  Yayyyyy, giveaway! Now, vote, my slaves! Vote!

  Or, you know, if you just want to pay me $10 for one to cover mailing and material costs, that's cool, too. No objections here. . . It's all good. . .


  1. I vote "Amor Sincero" but in second comes the hedgehog campfire story. Love that beanie!

  2. Hedgehog campfire is my favorite. I love it. I love them all. but there is something so cute about a hedgehog. . .camping. Really, well done, Julia.

    Maybe a subtitle for this one could be:

    Camping is in tents.
    Ha ha ha. . .sorry. . .not much sleep.

    PICK ME!

  3. Haha okay well first of all, the painting that McKay did is amazing and you should tell him I said so and that I can't wait to hang out with both of you at sometime in the future because I imagine that ten loads of fun will just get dropped onto the earth instantly.

    Secondly, your little creations are absolutely adorable! I like the possums one as a cute romantic theme but the hedgehogs are just quality genius. Keep them coming!

  4. Hedgehog Campfire is also, my personal favorite. How do I enter the giveaway? Am I doing it?

  5. I love the Hedgehog Campfire so I vote for that one, but only so I can buy the mouse playing the piano. Seriously, I want that on my piano. I started lessons for the kids and I think it would be adorable!

  6. I'm with Nicole. I love the Hedgehog Campfire one but my favorite is the mouse playing the piano.