Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Interpersonal Communication: What NOT To Do

  Of all my classes, I would have to say Interpersonal Communication is probably the most amusing. This class is exactly what it sounds like; learning about talking to people. I have no idea why this class is a requirement at my school, but it has proved entertaining thus far.

  On the first day of class, all I could really process was that the teacher was wearing one (uno) sparkly black leg warmer. This consumed all of my attention span, wondering what happened to the other sparkly black leg warmer.

  Day two of class (today), the teacher asked for two volunteers. These "volunteers" (in quotes because she actually ended up having to call on two random people) were named Content and Melanie. After their brief, forced conversation, the teacher referred to them several times.

  "Just like when Comfort spoke to--" the teacher would start.
  "My name is Content. Like happiness." Content corrected.
  "Oh, my, I'm sorry." The teacher said. "So, when Consent--"
  "No, ConTENT. Like HAPPINESS."
  "Oops!" The teacher said, before Content had finished her sentence. "So, as Constant--"
  "No, CON-TENT."
  "OH! Content. Okay. So, anyway, Stephanie, how do you know if someone is communicating to you?" The teacher asked, turning to Melanie.

  I don't think that woman's found her calling in life yet. Oh, and she was wearing both sparkly black leg warmers today.

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