Monday, January 17, 2011

A Look Into the Past

Because I still feel ridiculously proud of these, here are a couple of my babies that I made pre-challenge, and some random thoughts to go with them.
Possums, and mice, and chickens, oh my!

"Embry and Abby's First Kiss"
  I don't have much to comment on this one, other than the fact that I'm still proud of that tree. These all look cooler with frames, by the by, but I'm too lazy to put them back on, and too poor to keep buying frames.

  "Campfire Stories"
  I have a whole story to go with this one in my brain. The father hedgehog decided he needed to toughen up his kid, and thus took him to go rough it in the wilderness (I imagine it being in the desert). The son (I'll call him "Mikey") was used to having a bedtime story, and thus asked his father to stand in for what was usually his mother's niche. The father, being what I like to call a "Dad", used this opportunity to tell his son about the "Petshop of Doom". Upon returning home, Mikey was unable to sleep in his own bed for the next two weeks without night terrors, and consequently his mother forbid any more camping trips or scary stories. This scene is the pivotal moment where Mikey and his father got so close to bonding. . . and yet, alas, it was not to be.
  Anyway, if you love it as much as me, I'm currently holding a giveaway for it on my non-crafty blog, You can enter for it both here and there for double the opportunity to snag it! (and I'm sure all you so-far nonexistent readers are just salivating at the opportunity!)

"And You Thought Counting Them Was Bad"
  Yes, I admit, this one's a little twisted, but for some reason it still cracks me up. I think this scenario is mainly the result of my recent love of eggs. I've always liked eggs, but I never, you know, LIKED liked eggs. Not that we're going to go skipping in fields together or anything, but I think eggs are pretty darn great right now. And I think that, if I were a chicken, I might be tempted to do the same. Just sayin'.

  Okay, cheesy title, but come on--it's a mouse playing the piano! I think I can be forgiven considering how adorable this is. I used to have pet mice (which I was not nearly responsible enough for), named Sprinkles and Thunder. My mother asked how I knew one was a girl and one was a boy, but I knew it was silly of her to ask--the white one had PINK eyes; GIRL, duh! The other one was a dark gray; obviously a boy. Turns out I had some weird "animal gender deciphering" skill as a child, because Sprinkles gave birth to 3,521 babies. I named these babies a variety of ever-increasingly awesome names, such as Esmerelda, Lightning, and Ben A. There were three "Ben"s in my first grade class--Ben A, Ben B, and Ben C (seriously). Guess which one I had a crush on? Anyhoo, I'm still very fond of mice, and I can't understand why so many people are afraid of them--tiny and furry, what's not to like? Besides, you know, you the whole disease factor.

So, hope this gave you a good idea of what to expect in the future! All you pretend people I'm talking to, have a great day! Don't sit on too many pins and needles waiting for my next entry, though it should be in the next couple days ;)


  1. I love these! They are charming & I want you to do a couple for the cabin (please!). I laughed out loud reading the story behind the hedgehog campfire (seriously - so cute) and the mouse memories. It seemed like every time we checked the cage - more babies.

  2. I am indeed salivating at the chance to snag that hedgehog stitch! It is just too stinkin cute. I don't think I can beg any harder. Flattery perhaps? Because I'm pretty sure you're the best Goldilocks to have ever graced the stage. Okay yeah, I can beg a little harder.

  3. You forgot to mention Cinders, my favorite of the mouse horde. I just can't get over how cute these are. You are going to have to teach me your awesome skills!

  4. Sad that I just saw your contest and am too late to win the AWSOME hedgehog stitching. I haven't been checking / stalking any blogs lately. I had better get with it. Love that you are crafting. I don't do any crafts (but I am a craft appreciater). Maybe you will inspire me to try one.

  5. dash and darn it - Missed your giveaway - suffer from hedgehog envy - another one please :)

  6. Holy cow that possum is breaking my heart with its sweetness.