Saturday, January 29, 2011

Major Awards

  In all the high school plays I was in, we had Spoon awards on the night of our last show. This consists of getting a wooden spoon that has been drawn on, with an "award" written on it. One year I got the "Sugar High Bunny Hop Award" because I had a habit of jumping up and down two steps as fast as I could until I eventually tripped (I was fourteen, if that makes it seem any less weird). Another year I was "Twin One" because one of my best friends, Kellie, and I had been asked by Bad Greg (there were two Gregs, Good Greg and Bad Greg) if we were twins. We readily assured him that we were. Let me just say, though, that Kellie and I look nothing alike, save that we are about the same height and we were both blonde at the time (Kellie is now a brunette, or purplish-red, or something like that, depending on the latest dye she's used). The above picture is the two of us as kids, when we actually DID pretend to be twins (Kellie's left, I'm right) with her pet doves, who we accidentally killed by forgetting to feed them.

  ANYHOO, that whole long story was just to explain why I am making "Awards" for my fellow cast mates now, but instead of spoons, I'm doing it felt-style. At least, that's the plan. I finished my first one this morning for the actor of Father Bear (it's a fairytale detective play).

"Worst Hiding Spot Ever Award"
  My character, Goldilocks, is hiding behind the tree, waiting to steal the coveted porridge from the stump. 

  I'm torn between finishing the rest of the "awards" (I have about ten other cast members to make them for) or just moving on to other things. Most of the cast is men, and I can't see them actually hanging these puppies up, and it takes me about five hours to finish one. 
   What do you guys think? Should I just stick to spoons, or finish the series?

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  1. I would love to see the results if you did finish the series, but all that work for people who wont appreciate make me say "stick to spoons and make cute ones for those of us that LOVE them!"
    ps I love my 'major award' and put it right up on the piano. everyone ooooed and ahhhed over it.