Monday, February 28, 2011

Come Fly With Me

  I try not to repeat animals too much because I like to experiment with new shapes and ideas, but for some reason, every time I doodle, it usually involves rabbits or mice. Rabbits I like to use in situations that juxtapose their cuteness with toughness. Like a tea party with a crocodile! Or, a doodle I might use on a future date, with an eye patch and peg leg. For some reason, a rabbit with a eye patch is even cuter than a regular rabbit! . . . Or is that just me?

  Anyway, I like mice doing things disproportionate to their size. Like playing the piano, or (why not?) . . 

  . . . flying a plane? Just so you are aware, it's a tiny plane, not a ginormous mouse. It might be hard to tell, but my favorite part definitely has to be the aviator cap/goggles.

  The story? Classic "you can do anything you set your mind to" tale. Florence's mother always told him that there was no way he could ever be a pilot like he dreamed, he was just too little. Plus, what if any of the passengers on board had a cat? Florence was enraged at his mother's lack of faith in him, and went to a nearby park to cool off. Once there, he saw a little boy flying a model plane. Florence watched the plane zoom all around the sky, entranced.
  The little boy left the plane on the grass unattended when he went to his mother who had lunch ready. "Ah ha!" thought Florence, "Now's my big chance!" He ran over to the plane, and found with delight that it was the perfect size! After a quick glance around, he saw he was quite alone. Giggling to himself, he started up the tiny engine, and off he went! Around, and around, and around the park he went, whooping and laughing with joy. After one more quick loop, Florence landed the plane.
  He was surprised at his reception. His mother, his pastor, all his neighbors, and several mice policemen were waiting for him. His mother, sobbing, said she was so ashamed to have a hijacker for a son, and couldn't believe he had done this to her. The policemen snapped tiny handcuffs on him and loaded him into their Matchbox police car. The policemen then made siren noises as they drove Florence to the nearest station, where he was imprisoned for 20 to life.
  The end.


  1. Thanks for my laugh of the day! When I buy my felties, you need to make sure I have the stories that goes along with them.

  2. You need to make a book that has the pictures of the felties (really detailed ones) and then their stories. I would totally buy that book!