Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dining Chair #2

  It had definitely been through the mill.

  I had considered leaving it white, as I'm a big fan of white in the midst of all my brown (see my lovely brown-splotch shag-imitation carpet?), but I was too enthralled when I realized I wouldn't have to paint a white base first.

  Boy, do I love yellow! And the two dining chairs are now the colors our wedding was supposed to be! Woot!

  Unfortunately, I was too enthusiastic about my success and over-reached myself with the dining table. . . It didn't end well. I'll post about it in the next couple days so you guys can giggle at my stupidity (hint: a half-empty can of cheap spray paint is probably not the best medium for a dining table).

  Have a colorful weekend! In, you know, a good way. Not like "colorful language" or something. Unless it's like, "Oh, what a frabjalicious sherbet-y orange sunset!". That's cool.

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