Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Turtle and the Hare. . . The Later Years

  I know I'm late, so sorry! There were lots of little pieces again, I think I'll do something a little more low-key next time.

  There's one thing I've been attempting to do from my earliest felties. And that is to make a oval rug. You know, the kind with different rings of color? It was SO DANG HARD to make all the layers the right shape, and then when I finished, I'd realize that they stacked up so high, it looked more like one of these babies:

 I was attempting it for the THIRD time (every time I forget the outcome because I like the idea of oval rugs so much), my ultra-smart husband suggested I cut out the middle of the larger ones. Simple, yet brilliant! (be honest--did you all realize the solution glaring me in the face?)

Rug in progress:
  Like my pajamas? Here is also a picture of my beginning idea (I usually cut out the main idea, then the background to fill up the rest after):

  Can't you just feel the emotional tension of it already?

   I disliked the almost-matching chairs (as you  might be able to tell from my own dining chairs), and changed one. Then I needed some carpet, a lamp, and (why not?) a scenic picture in the background. And here it is!

  "Checkers Isn't for Everyone"
  The story, you may ask? Well, do you remember this feltie from way back when? (meaning, about a month ago?):

   "Who Drinks Tea Anymore?"
  Well, Phillip (the rabbit) had tea with his chum, Dmitri (alligator), during which they discussed ethics, particularly hedonism. Phillip was so perturbed at the idea that everything he did was for his own pleasure or gain, he decided to challenge it. Upon returning home, he invited Floyd, an old friend from college (to be honest, he was only friends with Floyd so he could say "some of my best friends are turtles" when accused of speciesism) to come over and play checkers with him. He knew the experience would give him no pleasure, nor gain, and thus hedonism would be proved wrong once and for all. After waiting for Floyd's move for 25 minutes, Phillip realized that because his true motive was to prove hedonism incorrect with gleeful malice, he was in fact proving its theory all along. With that thought, he drifted off to sleep. The end.


Sylvester couldn't resist. 

  I kind of prefer Phillip's look in the original, but I'm pleased with the overall effect.

  Hope you guys had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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