Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Dramatic Finale of the Dining Chairs Episodes

  I blame my sudden fascination of Oops paint. If you, like me, had not heard of Oops paint, it is paint that was not mixed correctly, and thus is not the color it was supposed to be and is now being sold dirt cheap. When I heard this, I rushed to Home Depot and SCORE! There was one gallon of Oops paint being sold for FIVE BUCKS! Woot woot! It was a rusty-pink color, which filled me with glee--that was another color at my wedding (forced on me by my evil decorator), so now I had all three!
  Before (after sanding):


  I thought it was adorable, until I put the three together. . .


  So, I decided to put the pink chair aside and pray that my first baby is a girl, so I can just stick that chair right in there. And also hopefully use up some more of that gallon of paint I bought.

   Anyway, here are the other two chair evolutions:

 Before (ignore the mess  in the background):


  And I forgot to take a "before" for the last chair, so here's the After:
  McKay was very opposed to the idea of a purple chair. I finally had my way by the very convincing method of buying the paint while he was at work. It's closer to a beige than purple, too, so I think that helped him when it was all over. He has now been schooled and knows for realsies that Julia Knows Best.

  The whole effect:

  Not a great picture, but you get the idea.

  HOORAY! *throws confetti* Mazel tov!


  1. Super cute! Are you going to paint the table too?

  2. Not sure yet. After ruining one kitchen table, I'm a little apprehensive, but eventually I think I'll paint it white.

  3. That's my favorite way of winning arguments with Eric! I'm a big fan of just doing it when they are not around. Half the time he doesn't even notice.