Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Interier Musings or Empty Frames Are Now Classy

  I saw on a blog or two a while back (I forget which, sorry, I would credit you if I remembered!) a thing on empty frame galleries. I thought it was weird. But, with time, it really grew on me. Plus, McKay and I just don't have that many family photos, and I'm starting to feel really narcissistic about the number of photos we have of ourselves up, but our walls are also woefully bare.

  What you do is you go to a bunch of second-hand stores and pick out a variety of cheap frames in differing shapes and sizes. Then you remove the backing, glass, etc, paint them all one color, arrange them on your wall, and BAM! You've got yourself an empty frame gallery. Mine's a bit small, as I was too excited to wait until I got more frames.

  I'll probably add more with time, but don't tell McKay that. I think he got very sick of it after I decided it looked weird on the other wall and he had to do it all over again.

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