Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Easy Come, Easy Go

  Late again, sorry! But, in my defense, it was finals week.

    Bobby Bibby found the love of his life. How, you may ask? Well, Bobby Bibby was contemplating life in the great outdoors, when suddenly, a terrible storm started. Though his skin is mostly water-resistant, Bobby Bibby had a fear of rain ever since his water torture days, so he went to the nearest umbrella shop. He heavily overestimated the number of umbrella shops in town, though, and ended up walking a good three miles, wincing as the drops hit him. As he reached for the Standard Red Umbrella With Curvy Handle, he found his trunk colliding with another. As their eyes met, Bobby Bibby knew he had met his match. They didn't say a word, just wandered out of the shop with their umbrella, ignoring the shopkeeper's cries of "Thief! Thief!", and sat down in a meadow, never taking their eyes off each other. They sat this way for several hours, until Bobby Bibby finally cleared his throat and said, "So, um, nice weather we're having." His new friend looked at him disgustedly for several minutes before getting up and walking away. And thus Bobby Bibby lost the love of his life.


  1. I totally laughed out loud. Eric did too. You are totally a talented writer and felty-e-er.

  2. Oh that is so sad. I feel really sorry for Bobby. She was obviously a gold digger... Love the picture!