Sunday, March 27, 2011


  My favorite part about coming home is always Sylvester. He cuddles us and follows us around until he collapses from exhaustion because he misses the constant attention while we're away. It's funny, I always said I would be a crazy cat lady if I didn't get married. I think it happened anyway. I have proof in the form of the zillion photos I have of Sylvester.

  Sylvester cuddling me for once because I've been gone. I made McKay take a picture because I was so excited (as soon as McKay sat down, however, Sylvester upgraded to his lap. Hmph.) Here's some more photos from the Sylvester Gallery.

 Sylvester has a love/hate relationship with pens and pencils. It makes it very difficult when trying to write anything by hand.
 My two favorite men.
   In my defense, Sylvester is pretty much the most patient, adorable, sweet, amazing creature to ever walk the earth. Besides McKay.

  Please don't get me committed.

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  1. I love Sylvester and I haven't even met him! The kids love the pictures of him, and I keep showing Eric pictures and saying "See, having a cat rocks!"