Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Confessing to All Sorts of Nerdy Things

  Okay, a confession to you guys: this month I've been posting a lot more because I'm trying to beat my all-time record of views in a month. The contender: October, with 780 views. So far this month I have 327 views. So, let's make a deal, shall we? I will try to post something every day, and you guys keep checkin' for it. K? K. (and, yes, I know this is a little pathetic, but I need something to distract me from the constant essay-writing that is my homework. Seriously, this is my third week of school this term and I've already written eight essays.)

 And to "reward" you for viewing my blog, here is a random thought and story of the day!

   Thought: Frozen grapes are unbelievably delicious. They're like mini Popsicles, only better cuz you get to feel high and mighty since it's a real fruit.

  Story: Last night I was re-watching some Firefly episodes, and right before bed I saw the one where they pick up a man from a ship that was attacked by Reavers. I was so afraid that I woke McKay up to make him change the Harry Potter CD so I could fall asleep to Jim Dale's soothing voice. I tried to change it myself, but I jumped back in bed halfway through because I was convinced Reavers were either in the hallway or under my bed and would kill me if I didn't get back to the sanctuary that was on top of the bed, under the covers. 

  Do any of you guys ever get irrational night time fears? Please tell me I'm not the only one over the age of eight.


  1. Wow, yeah two nights ago! I had my window open and the blinds rattled and after about five minutes of crazy thoughts I decided someone was coming through the window and I needed to plan an escape route, or get a knife.

  2. I've been listening to a book on my ipod about the zombie apocalypse. I have had so many nightmares, and one night I was so scared I couldn't go to sleep until 1 am. I don't mind vampire/werewolf/ghost stories, but zombies freak me out. I guess there is no way to make a sympathetic zombie story.

  3. Pretty much every night I still get night time fears. Since Andrew usually has curfew because of a game the next day, or has to get up early for class, etc. I'm the one who has to go get water from the kitchen, change the thermostat, or even have to go to the bathroom (but that's not Andrew's fault). We lock the front door, but I'm still convinced when I open our bedroom door there is going to be somebody in our living room waiting there to kill me.