Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yay for Costumes!

  If you're facebook friends with me, you'll know that I recently decided to be more nerdy. This is mostly because of my new blog love, epbot!  The writer also does cakewrecks, which I've loved for some time. I feel the same way about Jen (the writer) that I do Liz Lemon--I want to be her. Funny, a good writer, nerdy, and comfortable with how nerdy I am.

  One of her posts talked about going to Comic Con, something that has always struck fear into my heart. In my mind I always imagined the other nerds beating me up because I'm not cool enough (meaning outrageously nerdy enough) to be there. But then I saw the pictures, and it looked so freaking fun. I mean, c'mon, you get to dress up! In crazy costumes, the crazier the better! And if you know me, you know I love dressing up in costumes.

 (picture on the left is of me and Cara at a Harry Potter premier. Guess which houses we're from)

   McKay was immediately supportive of the idea (he had actually suggested it a long time ago--proof that he is my soul mate), and we've been brainstorming ideas. My favorite idea so far is McKay as Mal from Firefly and me as . . . well, someone from Firefly, haha. Or maybe something else! I dunno, there are just so many options! Hehe, I'm so giddy thinking about it. . .

  So, my fellow nerds: your ideas? What costumes would you do if you were going to the mecca of nerdiness?


  1. And when you come to Comic Con you can come stay with me because I live in SD and would love to hang with someone as cool as you especially because I haven't seen you since high school!!!! Update me on your life soon Julia!

  2. dude... be Inara. Mal and Inara were meant to be together. plus you could put a sweet LDS twist on the word "companion" lol. but if I went I'd be River and kick some nerd butt :p