Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary Eve To ME!

   McKay's and my anniversary is technically Sunday, but we thought that it was lame that we couldn't go to dinner or do anything awesome Sunday, so we're celebrating it today (Anniversary Eve) instead.

  Have you seen that Modern Family episode with Phil and Claire's anniversary? The one where Phil does all this amazingly sweet stuff for Claire, and Claire gives him coupons for free hugs?

  I almost wish I'd thought to do the coupons.

  This is what I woke up to, along with a delicious strawberry pancake breakfast:

  Wildflowers! Zillions of them! This being Oregon, we actually have things like wildflowers. McKay took two hours this morning (while I was sleeping blissfully) gathering me bags of wildflowers, and then he arranged them all himself. They're gorgeous, and smell so good I get lightheaded from breathing too deeply around them.
  If you look closely at this vase, you can see some of McKay's artwork. We had a date at Color-Me-Mine while we were engaged and he painted this vase to commemorate his proposal. Love it.

. . . Can't wait to give him his socks.

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  1. Go McKay! What a resourceful and romantic brother I have!