Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm a Winner!

  This morning, McKay greeted me with awesome news.

  "You won something!" I was skeptical. Though I enter just about any raffle I can so I can satisfy the "just in case" part of my brain, I never win anything. I was highly suspicious that McKay was going to say that I won the privilege of cleaning the cat box for once, or something along those lines. But McKay assured me it was a real prize.

 "You won a $100 gift card to. . . [he made a drum roll noise, while doing the motion. I held my breath] . . . SAVE-A-LOT!"

  We then shared a hearty laugh. I had done a survey about four months ago for Save-A-Lot.

  They went out of business a week later.


  1. Oh NO! Do they have a website you can buy something from? Isn't there a website where you can exchange gift cards. At least you won something. I'm totally jealous, I never do.

  2. Not sure on all those counts. And they aren't completely out of business, just the one in town, so I think we'll load up at the one in Salem :) Woot!