Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not Smart

  This term I am taking four Literature classes. Five if you count script-reading.They are English Literature, African American Literature, Shakespeare: Later Works, and Science Fiction.

  I figured it was going to be the best term ever. I mean, hey, if Literature classes are always my favorite, then FOUR of them (five originally, I dropped Western Literature because the teacher be trippin') must be extra amazing, right? Doing my favorite two things--reading and writing. Yay!

  I started doing my homework about 1:00 PM. I just finished a half hour ago. Nine hours. NINE HOURS of reading, analyzing, re-reading, taking notes, and then writing two essays on my reading.

  I know, I know. Too much of a good thing makes you want to quit school and curl up into a ball and die.

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