Monday, April 25, 2011

Shout Out

  My family is awesome. I'm sure yours is, too, but mine is better.

  My brother, Andrew, is a computer genius. He called me up after reading that I couldn't get Sims 3 to work and painstakingly took me through every step to try to make it run smoothly. He was able to dumb in down so even I (who still have no idea what "java" is referring to) could figure it out. And every time I said, "Umm . . . wait, what am I supposed to be looking at now?" he was incredibly patient and kind. And it worked! *throws streamers and blows on those annoying New Years whistles* Sims 3 now runs (almost) crash-free! Woot! It is most excellent, even if extremely challenging to figure out how to make my Sims do anything.

  Not that Andrew is the only awesome one in my family, of course. I could go on and on about how Nicole makes awesome house renovations (not the kind where she plans them and her husband does the dirty work--she gets it done with three kids, how incredible is that?) and makes the most awesome scrapbooks and gives the most thoughtful gifts. Or how hilarious James is and his ability to get along with everyone. Or how my father is a genius and perfect at everything he does (seriously, not exaggerating) and how generous he is. Or how my mother has the best (and loudest) laugh that infects everyone with happiness, how she makes the best desserts ever and how she has people calling her constantly because she is the best conversationalist. Not to mention how supportive they all are of my silly blog, and even my felt junk. And I'm not even getting into how incredibly awesome my in-laws are (which they are, both on my side and McKay's), how amazing McKay has made my life, not to mention the cutest nieces and nephews ever.

  I'm sorry. But my family is the best. Thanks, Andrew, for reminding me today.


  1. Andrew really is so nice about that! I've had to call on several occasions and he never gets frustrated with me for not understanding, and is so nice about it all. Good post, we all (including you) rock! (toot toot)

  2. I am laughing (raucously) out loud!