Friday, April 1, 2011

"I Twy!"

  I learned in my child development class a few years back that children go through a "helpful" phase, where they want to involved in everything you do. I went through such a stage myself, and my mother wrote in my baby book that her heart would sink every time she would hear me say, "I twy!". It was usually when she was cooking, and it always meant she got to fish tiny pieces of egg shell out of the brownie mix for the next ten minutes. She was kind enough to (almost) always allow me to crack those eggs, though.

  Thinking about this, I couldn't help but think that kangaroos must really have a rough time with this stage.



  1. The eyes are classic. I want this one. Tell me how much to send. I love it. Livi is totally in this stage.

  2. Dad & I had a big laugh over this one, as will all parents of helpful children. I love the egg dropping into the bowl on the floor.

  3. hahahaha this is totally my new favorite! That little kangaroo has so much character. I just imagine him saying, "I twy" as he cracks open the egg.