Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Hunt for Rebecca

  When a was a wee one, say, fourteen years of age, I had an obsession with Turner Classic Movies. It all started with Rebecca. The 1940 Rebecca with hunky Laurence Olivier, and the incredibly creepy Mrs. Danvers that made you want to hide under a blanket so she couldn't zap you with her laser eyes of evil. Anyway, it was on TV and I'm sure my mother recommended I watch it.

   It was so freaking amazing, I could hardly believe it.

  Now, I was no stranger to black and white flicks--heck, Some Like It Hot was one of my three favorite movies as a child (for the record, the other two were Santa Claus is Coming to Town and UHF), and I had no idea what it was about, other than two guys dressing up as really hideous girls. But after Rebecca, I think it finally clicked that black and white movies could be so much MORE. And I'm not even sure what I even mean by "more". Probably substantial. Like a hardy meal or something that leaves you satisfied. Not many movies make me feel that way these days.

  Anyhoo, Rebecca was a movie that really stayed with me, in that haunting, creepy, excellent way. And ever since I saw it all those years ago, I have coveted it. Yesterday, at the end of mine and McKay's date night, we decided to have a slumber party in the living room and rent a movie. I immediately thought of Rebecca. Unfortunately, our Blockbuster rents only the most recent or well-known of movies, but we checked it fruitlessly just in case. McKay cheered me up with the thought that we could check it out of the library, and we watched the second half of Gone With the Wind instead.

   I was giddy all the way to the library. I was so excited I could share this movie with McKay. And yet. . . the library did not have it. They did Once Upon a Time, but then they got rid of most of their VHS collection. I was incredibly let down.

  I sat at home for about fifteen minutes before I told McKay I was heading for Target. I asked a saleswoman if they carried it, and she took me to a section of "Four Classics for $15". Naturally, the one that had Rebecca was the only one sold out. The saleswoman suggested I try Fred Myer.

   I searched the isles of Fred Myer to no avail, finally asking a clerk if he could help me and look it up (just in case I overlooked it).

"Nope." he said helpfully. I re-checked the shelves, and left in despair.

  I was getting frantic by this point. I felt like the balance of my life depended on some store in this tiny town carrying this classic. So I turned to Goodwill. Not surprisingly, I had no luck. I then headed for St. Vinnie's, which carries an incredibly large section of VHS movies, and maybe, just maybe, the library had given them their VHS collection.

  St. Vinnie's has about ten very, VERY large bookcases (front and back) full of non-alphabetical VHS movies. I looked at every single one. I left with a headache and no Rebecca.

  I returned home, unsuccessful and beaten down, two hours after I had left. I may or may not have cried into McKay's shoulder.

  Anyhoo, guess what movie McKay bought me on ebay today?

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  1. They also have it on "watch it now" on netflix. They also have the original House on Haunted Hill which is totally campy and awesome with Vincent Price! Love watching the old movies too!