Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Basically One Long Commercial

  I had a revelation today.

  Some things are cheap because they just plain suck, not because they're not a big brand name.

  This is a disappointment to me for obvious reasons. It was difficult for me to transition from the easiest/best of the best brands when McKay and I got married, as I had never had to really think about money before. And then he showed me the awesomeness that is "store brand". They're generally exactly the same, just a lot cheaper and with a crappier logo. I can live with that.

  However, there are some products this just doesn't pan out well with. Such as razors. I have never purchased a good cheap razor. And you want to know why? Because it DOESN'T EXIST. I have officially thrown in the towel, I have tried at least five cheapo razors (while glancing longingly at the Venus ones that have been my friend since the sixth grade), and they have all left me burned, bumpy, or prickly. So, I give up. You win, Venus. I will pay your ridiculous prices next time I go to the store because I can no longer get away with shaving once a week (on Saturday night so I don't have to wear panty hose to church), and I can't take the cheap razors anymore.

  This goes for other things as well--I'm picky on my shampoo (Herbal Essence being my favorite), deodorant (yay for Secret!), and mascara (Define-A-Lash lengthening makes my eyelashes look AWESOME). I've tried branching out, but now I just can't take cheap and/or off-brand stuff in these areas without experiencing metal duress.

  Anyone else picky about their toiletries?


  1. "Metal duress" sounds horrible! :-) I agree with you, though. Sometimes a bargain isn't a bargain. When you have to buy the more expensive products, try to watch for sales and use coupons.

  2. I am and I have mood swings with the products! Sometimes I love them and sometimes I hate them. Toiletry items sometimes are my favorite thing to buy!

  3. I'm picky about canned pineapple, conditioner (has to be Biolage), moisturizer, my bra (duh), and shoes. I do love the Thick and Creamy Walmart brand mac and cheese though. I totally can't go back to Kraft!