Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memory Fail

  The class that makes me want to shoot myself on a regular basis (British Literature, with a priggish teacher to go along with it), is reading Heart of Darkness right now. I was actually quite enthused to re-read this from high school, as I remembered enjoying it quite a bit. Though I think it's rather long for the teacher NOT TO HAVE WARNED US to read it in MORE THAN ONE DAY. As it is, I'm halfway through the story and the paper is due tomorrow.

  In any case, the further along I read today, the more antsy I was getting. Where was the African tribe family I remembered it following? When would the oracle tell the main guy to sacrifice his adopted son, who (whom?) he liked better than his true son? As it went on, the story was somewhat familiar in my brain, but none of the things I remembered came up. Finally, I googled the bits of the story I thought I remembered.

  Oh. Things Fall Apart. Right. Good thing I didn't start writing the paper without rereading it, which was my first idea.

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  1. the only thing I remember from Heart of Darkness is that it was terrible. I liked Things Fall Apart better, much more dramatic!