Friday, June 3, 2011

Donut Day Fail

  Did you know today was Donut Day? I didn't, until about an hour ago. Wanting to be spontaneous and do something fun for McKay, I looked up the location of our town's one donut shop.

  I headed down gleefully, only to be greeted by a sign reading, "Sorry, Sold Out!". What? Donut shops sell out? Since when? (since Donut Day, I guess)

  Deflated, I headed to Fred Myer for a last ditch effort. Sadly, the most appetizing donut there was this one:
  In case you cannot tell, it is sprinkled with Coco Puffs. The one in the back left has Fruit Loops.

  I returned home empty-handed and disappointed. But at least I finally had the chance to submit something to Cake Wrecks. And THAT, my friend, has made all the difference.

P.S. McKay has just informed me that this is actually a "thing". Donuts with cereal on top, that is. Now I feel silly, but I still stand by my assessment that it looks weird.

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  1. I love doughnuts. There is NO other dessert that tempts me as much as doughnuts. Those...crimes against nature...make me want to vomit.