Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'd Title This "Beating the Heat", But the Heat is Clearly Winning

  As mentioned briefly in my last entry, our house is an oven that does not easily cool down. With no AC, no fans, and very few windows with screens, the heat slowly builds up throughout the day, and around 6 PM becomes unbearable (which is weird, because that's when the sun starts to go DOWN). Like I said in the previous post, I've resorted to ice packs, alternating them on my feet and (don't judge me) stuck between my boobs (okay, judge me). If you ever go on a picnic with us, you may want to be sure we washed our ice packs thoroughly first.

  I stay up til about 2 AM most nights, because that's when the house cools down just enough so I can actually sleep. Poor McKay, needing to wake up around 6 most days, tries to sleeps downstairs on the floor  ("tries" because I tend to repeatedly wake him up for spider-killing) until I tell him it's cool enough upstairs to go to bed (By the way, immediately after sinking into our bed last night, he began talking about how he was in the jungle, and he was kind of a bad guy because he used to be a poacher. When I later tried to put his arm around me to cuddle, he yelled, "NO! You're trying to shoot me!" No more Crocodile Dundee for him). I have it easier, because, though I stay up later, I at least have the luxury of sleeping in. In theory. Our neighbors on both sides of our house decided to do construction around 8 AM this morning.

   Blah blah blah, I'm pregnant, hot, and cranky. You can end now, summer.

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