Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Got Clouds on a Sunny Day

  Due to my pregnant hormones demanding I make things for the BABY BOY my husband and I are expecting in January, you may see a rise in the quotient of cuteness around here. The last few days I've been working like a mad woman to try to make a mobile, but I'm not sure how that's going to turn out yet. It's robot-themed, and after twenty-plus hours of working on it, I suddenly thought, "You know what's also cute? WHALES." So now I'm leaning towards making a whale mobile, but I'll still finish the robot one in case it sways me.

  I also whipped up this bad boy, for reasons unknown to mankind.

  I think it's mostly due to wishful thinking. Now that I've had months of sunny days, I'm ready to return to the coolness that is usually Oregon's specialty. GET WITH THE PROGRAM, OREGON!

   Any other ideas for baby boy themes?


  1. I like dinosaurs that are overly cartoon-ish, trucks, and star wars. Ethan has had all three as room themes.

  2. I love that's super adorable! Congrats on being way crafty!