Friday, September 9, 2011

McKay Can Do Everything, Dang It

  Okay, I know the last few posts have all been about McKay, but it's not my fault he's hogging all the awesomeness lately.

  So, overnight my hair became a large lump of crap. My layers all grew out (my hair really, really needs layers, what with the thickness and waviness and whatnot), and it was at an awkward length as well. Normally I can ignore my hair for months at a time, but my sister-in-law asked me to help out at a fashion show near Portland (yes, I have the coolest in-laws ever), and I figured the least I could do was make my appearance as un-lame as possible.

  McKay has wanted to cut my hair for ages. Some kind of artistic interest or something, I guess. So, I figured I might as well let him have a shot, and if it went horribly wrong, I could call up every salon in a 20 mile radius to see if they had any openings today.

  Before (I know the pictures are sideways, my laptop died and I can't figure out why McKay's computer sucks and makes no sense because no matter what I try, I can't get these dang photos to load right-side up. I'll try to fix it when I get back from my fashion show adventure):

  Four hours of hair pulling, flinching from scissors being close to my ears, crying from hair pulling/my back hurting, looking up lots of pictures of haircuts similar to what I wanted, and two Julia Roberts movies later:

  For his first time cutting girl's hair, I think he did a bang-up job! Better than Super Cuts could do, I bet.

  Does your significant other have any surprising talents? Do tell.

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  1. Eric is an amazing cook and baker. I really shouldn't be surprised since he was the top home economic student his senior year. No joke.