Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fighting Depression with a Few of My Favorite Things

    The other day, I read this story of depression, which is probably the funniest thing I have ever read in my life. Usually the two do not go hand in hand, but that is the beauty of Hyperbole and a Half and those simple, often disturbing, yet adorable pictures (strong language warning). Despite the fact that it is SUPPOSED to be funny, I think I'm still getting some bad karma from my depression-giddiness, and I'm paying for it today with another of those nothing-except-everything-is-wrong kind of days where I cry intermittently. Maybe it's the fact that my family hates me. Or maybe it's because I realized today that I'm 30 and a half weeks pregnant, and I'm terrified out of my freaking mind. Or the fact that none of the OTHER million and a half pregnant people I know seem to be freaking out, so I'm not sure if everyone is lying when they talk about how over-the-flippin-moon-excited they are or if I'm just a mutant. Probably the latter. Or maybe it was that I prepared a lesson for CTR 4s, only to realize about five minutes before the lesson that it was actually my co-teacher's turn, making me look about as put-together as I felt. Or maybe it's that McKay told me today that he was going to invite people over for dinner sometime, and I hate/fear people coming over. Or maybe it's the fact that I hate people coming over because I'm incredibly socially awkward. Or, heck, maybe it's because Jupiter is in full alignment with Mars, or whatever the crap is actually happening with astrology right now. Whatever the reason (or lack of reason), I'm not feeling too hot.

  So, I'm combining this initially-depressing post with another happier post I started a while back but never finished. It's just a small list of random things that always make me happy without fail. Everyone needs a happy place, and these things help me get there. And today I needed some reminding.

#1 My wedding ring.
  Every time I look at my ring it makes me giddy, particularly if it's just been cleaned and it's all sparkly and what-not. I've received lots of compliments on it, as well as some worried looks from people who think the large aquamarine is actually a diamond, which makes me laugh. This ring makes me feel like I did when I was seven and would put on dress-ups and a plastic tiara and suddenly I was the most beautiful princess-fairy-mermaid-whatever in all the land.

#2 Sylvester.
  How can you not love a living, breathing fur rug? He makes me laugh even when he's doing nothing at all. Which may just be an indication that I'm insane.

#3 A Very Potter Musical (I promise I made this list months ago, I'm not trying to guilt-trip my family further). Cara sent me the link to this around midnight two years ago, and I stayed up til four AM watching it. On a SCHOOL night. So, yeah. It's pretty rad. Darren Criss is pretty much the only reason I watch Glee anymore, and he makes one freaking awesome Harry Potter. Seriously, when I think "Harry Potter", Daniel Radcliffe is not what pops into mind--it's Darren Criss. (WARNING: this show would be rated PG-13 if in theaters)

  Also, am I the only one on some excruciating pins and needles waiting for POTTERMORE OPEN REGISTRATION??!

 #4 Seasonal candy/goods. I'm working my way through a bag of candy corn as we speak (I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in the world who eats candy corn, but it brings back happy memories of Halloween at my parents'). Also love Cadburry Mini Eggs, Girl's Scout cookies (they're only sold at one time of the year, so they count), candy canes, and those Reece's that are shaped like eggs, pumpkins, or Christmas trees, depending on the season. I swear, they taste better when they're shaped like something generically seasonal. Also, one of my favorite parts of Christmas growing up was all the delicious goodies my mom made constantly. Homemade caramels, Hersheys kisses on top of sugar cookies (can't remember the official name of it), sugar cookies shaped like reindeer and Santa that we'd get to help ice. Good times. Good, delicious times.

  It's a short list, but this post is getting far too long as it is, and I probably lost you guys at the Hyperbole and a Half link (it IS pretty hard to tear yourself away once you're introduced, I know), so I'm-a stop now (Oh, and just a note, McKay should definitely be on this list, but I figured that goes without saying. Except that I'm saying it now. Suck).

  Anyway, what does YOUR happy place consist of?


  1. :) I like you, Julia. Why do we live so far apart?? And I am DYING for Pottermore to open!

  2. Okay, for the record, AGAIN, you guys went on lots of trips without me and never once did ANYONE say "wish you were there." At least I really wish you had come, but it wouldn't have been fun pregnant. You and Livi could have been mad at all the rides you couldn't go on.

    I also got you a pygmy puff that was going to be a secret, but you sound like you need to know it will be coming in the mail someday.

    Also, they are called "Christmas Kisses" and they are on peanut butter cookies (i have the recipe if you want it).

    Sylvester makes me smile too.

    I get lots of weird looks for my ring now too. Not because they think I have $10,000 on my hand, but because it is blue. I love it!

    One thing that makes me happy: Reading your blog! Hang in there. I was super nervous about taking care of a baby, but Mom is an awesome help in those first few weeks, and although it is always scary to have a little person depend on you, you do get better at it! You'll be awesome!

  3. Julia:)
    boy oh boy did I need my happy place this weekend. But here are a few things mine consists of...
    1.Hugs from the husband/My bed. I don't quite understand why, but everything seems less scary/overwhelming/maddening/etc when I am bundled up under the covers.
    2. Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Sometimes together, sometimes not. But usually a pretty good comfort giver.
    3. Music. Usually something lame like Justin Bieber... but it'll help occasionally!
    4. A good ol' fashioned, extra cheesy chick flick:)

    Don't worry, I'm also terrified out of my mind about this whole becoming a parent thing. But you know what, there's only one way to learn it! And we are definitely signed up for the crash course!:)