Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Missed Connections

  You know that section of Craigslist, "Missed Connections"? Where you post if, say, you briefly shared a joke with a cute boy at Starbucks, but you didn't get their number, so you post on Missed Connections with the hope that they will see it and contact you (I wonder how often that works, by the way. It would be interesting to gather successful Missed Connections stories. Or unsuccessful, where you go on a date with them and they turn out to be total d-bags, I think that would be even more entertaining).

  Anyhoo, I feel like most of my life is like Missed Connections, but not so much in the romance department. I feel like I always meet my "kindred spirits" friendship-wise, if you will, and don't realize it until it's too late. I think I've missed out on a couple of potential best friends just because I was too self-conscious to ask if they wanted to hang out, or even brushed off their invitations because I secretly thought they were just having pity on me, and I hate the idea of being a charity-case friend. My brain's natural reaction when I'm asked if I want to go do something is to immediately think up an excuse for why I can't go. Even if I actually think it sounds like a lot of fun, my brain panics and looks for an exit route. OH MY GOSH, I just realized I'm a friendship commitment-phobe! How lame is that! Anyway, just when it gets to the point where I feel comfortable enough to say "yes" to an invitation, or even (heaven forbid) ask THEM if they want to hang out, we tend to move to different states. Well, I tend to move to a different state, anyway. And then for years I kick myself for being a moron.

  Jessica and Baylee in particular, this one goes out to you guys (though half of the readers of this blog I feel this way about. I'm just sparing you the embarrassment). Sorry for our missed connections, if we ever end up in the same state again, I WILL bully you into being my bestie. Because you guys rock, and I want some of your radness to rub off on me.

  Do you guys have any missed connections you regret, be they romance, pet, friend, house, or some other object of desire you missed out on? Do share. COMMITMENT WIENIES, UNITE! *pump fist in the air, and rainbow and sparkles shoot out of it*


  1. I definitely have a missed connection with a pet. When Andrew and I were dating we went to a pet store and played with this cute shih-tsu puppy that I swear was schizo! She was hilarious! She would pounce on nothing and chase her tail like someone was grabbing it. Oh my goodness! I fell in love with her. Andrew and I still talk about her, and call her "Princess." Even though she was about $2000 I wish I bought her.

  2. Julia:)
    I was thinking about this same thing this morning... I woke up dreading going to the school filled with cookie cutter Utah girls, and began thinking back to Biology together... which then led me to think about why the HECK we didn't become best friends. And that led me to wish that we now lived close together so that we could be best friends through marriage and kids and such, not just silly Utah girls! And I think I want my daughter to marry your son. Just saying:) Also, the husband is going to a job interview in Washington, that is closer to Oregon, right?:)

  3. DUDE, Baylee, I was totally thinking our kids should get married, too! We're so on the same wave-length, it's scary. And I do believe it IS closer, we should have halfway weekends, where we both drive halfway to each other. Done? Done.