Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spook Alley Brought to You By. . .

  For our ward's Halloween party, some select couples *ahem* were chosen to come up with an activity in one of the church building's rooms. I had seen a homemade Halloween-themed bowling craft thingy a week or so before online, and I decided that that would be sufficiently awesome. For FHE the night before, McKay and I made some ghost and spider decorations out of construction paper, along with making the liter bottles that would be the pins into Halloween-themed goodness. Our bowling ball was a plastic pumpkin that was thoroughly trashed by the end. He had a good run.

  We were a little thrown off at being given the Relief Society room, which was far too big for our meager decorations, but it turned out alright. The kids kept coming back for more turns, so I consider that a success.

  McKay was very good about setting up the pins so I wouldn't have to bend down constantly. I was busy being bossy about how many treats the kids could take.

  McKay's awesome last-minute costume. I said I was Lois Lane after she gave up.

  Our actual Halloween was rather quiet. We carved a pumpkin (well, I scooped out all the goopiness that McKay doesn't like touching, and McKay carved it because I always do terribly and get frustrated)  and waited for nonexistent trick-or-treaters. Ah, well. More candy for me!

  Happy late Halloween, from our anime girl who looks quite similar to Susie Derkins from Calvin and Hobbes. Which is even better.


  1. I need McKay to come carve our pumpkins! He rocks. Your "costume" made me laugh. You are too cute.

  2. I love your bowling alley idea! If I ever have to do a game for Halloween, remind me of it. Since it's at least a year away, I'm guaranteed to have forgotten by then.

  3. The young men in our ward have the assignment to make a spook alley for the ward's halloween trunk or treat. I think this would be a great idea for them to try out. Hope you don't mind if we steal it from you. Great costume by the way.