Wednesday, December 7, 2011

They're Just so Much Cuter. . .

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  GraphJam totally gets me. About a week ago, McKay and I watched "City Slickers" for the first time. When Norman, the baby calf, was being swept away in the flood, I was practically hyperventilating while screaming at the screen, "SAVE HIM! SAVE NORMAN! GET HIM, HURRY, CAN'T YOU SEE HE'S DROWNING?!" with tears streaming down my face.

  In contrast, the last movie I saw where the main character was possibly going to die (which I can't even remember the name of because it made so little impact on me), I said, "Wait, are they seriously going to die? Well, that sucks." and I mentally checked out of the movie.

  Anyone else have their priorities kind of screwed up?

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