Friday, December 9, 2011

Why Every Celebrity Should Get a Restraining Order on Me, Just in Case

  At the Portland airport, waiting for our plane to arrive to whisk us away to my sunny California, McKay and I overheard a conversation at the help booth thingy that immediately made our ears prick up in interest.

  "Oh, man, can I just say I love you?" Said the attendant to the man asking for directions to his gate.

   Now, most people don't say they love random people who are asking for directions. . . unless they're famous. Or maybe if they have just experienced the love-at-first-sight phenomenon and want to make the other person extremely uncomfortable. Anyway, McKay and I immediately began nonchalantly drilling holes in the back of random-famous-person's head, trying to figure out who it was.

  "Aw, thanks, man. My name's Silas, by the way." Famous person then shook the attendant's hand, and, after receiving directions, quickly took off in the direction of his gate. We then commenced eavesdropping on the attendant, who was explaining to his coworker who Mystery Famous Man Named "Silas" was. The keywords I heard were "24" and "fairytale", so I immediately took to imdb.

  Silas Weir Mitchell. We saw the BACK OF THE HEAD of Silas Weir Mitchell. I knew him as the key-stealer-man on Rat Race, while McKay recalled seeing him on pretty much every show ever (The Mentalist, Burn Notice, Prison Break, etc).

This guy. Silas Weir Mitchell.
  Turns out the "fairytale" keyword was in reference to the new show Grimm, in which he plays a bluebod, which is basically. . . a werewolf? Sorta? Anyway, I watch it religiously now, and Silas is my favorite part of it. Because I SAW THE BACK OF HIS HEAD AT THE AIRPORT.

  This is why I should never be around anyone remotely famous. I am incapable of being cool. Also, I've decided "Silas" is an awesome name, and I want to use it on my next son. My sister-in-law Jes has informed me she has dibs, but please. I SAW SILAS WEIR MITCHELL. That name totally belongs to me now.

  Anyone else become someone they hate around celebrities? Even if they *ahem* did not actually talk to/interact in any way with said celebrity?

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